Patrizia Ascione AND Stefano Cavallini

6 January 2013 – in the room of the Teatro Fontana in Milan, before our 600th show.

The professional partnership between Patrizia Ascione and Stefano Cavallini born spontaneous, matured after the decision to live together.
And roles in the company have slipped in their previous experiences: Patrizia after 15 years as a radio operator, show organizer, costume designer, finds the natural gift of sculpture that she applies to the foam, with which she builds all her figures; after twenty years of journalistic criticism, various literary experiences, then subject, screenwriter, playwright and show organizer, Stefano follows Patrizia in the adventure of the Figure Theater, writing and directing all Habanera Theater performances.
On this trip were helped to grow by Jacques Lecoq, the Living Theater, Peter Schumann, Giuliano Montaldo, Carlo De Incontrera, Stephen Mottram and Damiano Privitera.
Sounds, noises, music, movements, darkness, lights and finally, but only in the end, the text: a multimedia theater par excellence, able to excite and leave an indelible trace in the new generations.
Because the theater must have a future.

Despite the siege electronic game and virtual reality of American films puppets and marionettes continue to charm, to live in their fantasy world to tell stories, to tell us their stories, knowing that behind these figures there is a man, a manipulator, able to perfectly control the movement of his creature, until it seem true and authentic.
It’s there before us, with nothing to interrupt between us and those movements, without screens, with those really true faces and those feelings that are the same to ours.
Light, darkness, twilight, music, noises, words (few), scenes do the rest, the rest of a vibrant and pulsating world that disappears in a breath: just the lights of the audience turn on.
Stefano Cavallini