Cenerentol…o (Cinderella man)
why are the fairy tales heroes always males? Why does a “blue prince” and not
a “blue princess” ever come?;
sticky marionette and actor on black (almost as japanese Bunraku)

Don Quixote and the Moon
a dreamy Don Quixote, fought between appearances and fantasies;
sticky marionette and puppets

The Big Basil and the Two Humpbacks
two stories of the Tuscan traditional literature in a suggestive table stage with puppets

figure theater performance for foam sticky puppets and actor on black;
freely drawn from Igor Stravinskij’s homonymous ballet

Lightblue Whale
there was once a paper-mache whale…; animated foam puppets and actor

The Magic Flute
a figure theater performance for 8 foam sticky marionettes finely sculpted;
a freely drawn from the same opera by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Stories from Tuscany
it is inspired by two traditional Tuscan tales; puppets and muppets in the cabin, sculpted in foam rubber

Loira Narpei Circus
dedicated to the circus and its famous italian female character; animated puppets and clown

The 12 nights of the Befana
it is inspired by the tradition of the Tuscan Befana [an old woman who delivers gifts
to children throughout Italy on the eve before Epiphany, 5th January] and freely
integrated with references to various regional Italian and European folklore.; muppets, puppets and actor

Shabbytail the Cat
the story of a cat and his instinct, of a mouse peaceful and they met on a stormy night …
it is inspired by One Thousand and One Nights; muppets and actor