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Habanera literally means "from Avana". Known as a Cuban dance, it was born in the first half of XIX century (Georges Bizet used its swaying rhythm for a movement of his famous opera: Carmen). Recent studies have ascertained that habanera divided in two branches: the first migrated South, towards Argentina, mixed with the "gauchos" Milonga Campera and with other music forms of the marginalised communities in Buenos Aires, including the italians; eventually it entered brothels and became tango. The second branch headed North and stopped in New Orleans; in this city, it merged with the astonishing cultural variety of the time and again went into the brothels as entertainment music, coming out the other end as ragtime. And ragtime was to be one of the most important matrixes of jazz.

Part of the Habanera Association's philosophy is an attempt to elevate so called "poor" music cultures, similar to Habanera, including European ones, to the same level as western "high" culture. This is done by studying, promoting and diffusing such folk cultures, in any form, trough concerts, theatrical works, texts, courses and lectures (also in schools), films, seminars, exhibitions and everything that can contribute to the achievement of the association's aims.

The associates of Habanera are mostly artists whose projects totally or partially reflect the association's philosophy.

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